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After a HydroAir clean your air is fresh and healthy, reducing sickness in the workplace and at home. You further save on your electricity bill and your unit will last longer.

HydroAir has developed a unique new system for cleaning all mould, dirt, fungi, bacteria and

organic matter from air conditioning systems.

HydroAir is the only South African Company able to deliver this innovative system

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step towards a clean and

sustainable air conditioner

Air conditioning

cleaning and servicing

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HydroAir was established in 2016 using technology and methods brought in from Australia.

With the growing demand for businesses to save on electricity, protect it’s assets and to create a clean and safe environment for employees HydroAir is your only choice!

All air conditioning service technicians, other that HydroAir technicians, will simply rinse the filters and check the refrigerant.

HydroAir is different. We will thoroughly clean the coil and cover’s, leaving your air conditioner looking and working as good as new!

About Us

And why we are different!


Some of our recent work

“...The most common way you catch bacterial pneumonia is

to breathe infected air droplets from someone who has

pneumonia. Another cause is an improperly cleaned

Air Conditioner.”

Source: http//

“ The dirt collected by the evaporator coil reduces airflow and insulates the coil, reducing its ability to absorb heat. To avoid this problem and the overheating of your compressor, check your evaporator coil every year and clean it as necessary. ”


18 000 BTU


18 000 BTU


60 000 BTU


60 000 BTU


18 000 BTU


60 000 BTU

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Save on electricity bills

A dirty coil and blower fan decreases air speed resulting in the unit working inefficiently. You will be tempted to turn the temperature down to achieve the same results.

>> This will only use more power.

>> If you have used your air conditioner        regularly since its installation…it will       be dirty!

Having an air conditioner cleaned by HydroAir will save up to 30% power.

Using less power saves money.

Microbial contamination is eliminated

Air conditioners are the perfect environment for contaminants such as fungi, mould and bacteria.

These contaminants become airborne each time an air conditioner is used.

A clean air conditioner will blow out  clean air.

Your air conditioner will last longer

“Sustainability” is the catchphrase in any company. A regularly serviced and cleaned air conditioner will last longer.

>> How often have you heard that your        air conditioner needs to be replaced      because it is un-economical to repair?

>> How often have you seen air      conditioner technicians servicing your      air conditioner by simply rinsing the      filters in water?

Air conditioners are often replaced unnecessarily whereas, had it been cleaned properly, it would have lasted longer.

We specialise in cleaning and servicing the following units:

The air conditioners in the pictures below will give you an accurate representation of what your units may or even will look like. You don’t believe me? All the units is “Serviced” every 3 months by a respectable Air Conditioner Company charging thousands annually. What make these images even worse is that these units are located in Hospitals, Hotel Rooms and even in a  Paediatric Consultation Room.

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HydroAir South Africa
P O Box 12250, Midrand 1682
Gauteng, South Africa


cleaning and servicing

> all split systems

> window units

> ceiling cassette units

> ducted units.

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

     “ Increased attention should be paid to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems as a potential site for the growth and dispersal of microbial contaminants that may result in adverse health effects in building occupants.”